Inside Of You

from by XO Matteo



Living well is the best revenge.Change your hate in your life and harness that energy and use it as a driving force to succeed.

If ever you feel these thoughts. watch me. go on Youtube and watch me. I will try my best to bring the best out of you. I wrote these lyrics long ago. It’s feel that it’s okay to feel this way. I just want to put it out there, If you feel the lyrics relate to you in any way, come get happy with me. we'll get through hard times together.



I took your fucking side
It drained my fucking life
and I'll never be the same again

Remember when we were friends?
Remember way back then?
Now I put the fear inside of you

I won't stop hating
Until heart stops beating
I won't stop screaming
Until my lungs stop breathing
I won't stop hating
Until my blood stops bleeding
I won't stop hating
Until my eyes stop seeing red


from Light Headed, released August 20, 2017



all rights reserved


XO Matteo San Francisco, California

Don't count me out just yet.

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