The Burden Continues

from by XO Matteo



Perserverence // Stress Builds Character
you don't score points from the sidelines, put yourself out there, in whatever is plaguing your mind, someone out there will understand your point of view somewhere without judgement. Accelerate your passions, never decelerate.

If ever you feel these thoughts. watch me. go on Youtube and watch me. I will try my best to bring the best out of you. I wrote these lyrics long ago. It’s feel that it’s okay to feel this way. I just want to put it out there, If you feel the lyrics relate to you in any way, come get happy with me. we'll get through hard times together.



Hey kid, I was just like you
Just a little bit lost and a lot more confused
wishing everything would be alright
losing hours of sleep in the dead of night
I'm telling you kid, the weather doesn't get better
I'm telling you kid, everything will stay the same

The weather doesn't get better
Just pouring rain

We’ve been burdened with this haunted curse
Dark days ahead, prepare for the worst
Set up for failure since the day we were born.

Just pouring rain


from Light Headed, released August 20, 2017



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XO Matteo San Francisco, California

Don't count me out just yet.

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