Put My Pain To Rest

from by XO Matteo



Suicidal Thoughts

If ever you feel these thoughts. watch me. go on Youtube and watch me. I will try my best to bring the best out of you. I wrote these lyrics long ago. It’s feel that it’s okay to feel this way. I just want to put it out there, If you feel the lyrics relate to you in any way, come get happy with me. we'll get through hard times together.



How can I forget the things I regret
When the weight of the world lays on my chest
Smiling seems so foreign I must confess
And I'd give my life to put this pain to rest

Take a look at my apartment building and you’ll see a fucking light on
I cant sleep, just think about the things that I’ve done wrong
Three thirty in the morning, I’m on the ledge of my building

My latest obsessions
Is falling deep in depression
Losing sleep, contemplating my mortality
letting things get the best of me
Over-analyzing everything

And this schedule goes on for weeks
And it brings me to my fucking knees

“At this very moment, I wish I were dead. I just can’t cope anymore”
Just like Ian Curtis said.


from Light Headed, released August 20, 2017



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XO Matteo San Francisco, California

Don't count me out just yet.

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